About Unite Against Hate

Recent months have witnessed an increase in the number of hate crimes reported to the PSNI.  While this is a very small proportion of the total number of recorded crimes in Northern Ireland, hate crimes are particularly serious, as they compromise the quality of life for individuals and communities.  Hate crimes damage people and the social fabric of Northern Ireland.

Re-launch the Unite Against Hate campaign

In response to these recent local manifestations the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in partnership with Victim Support NI took an initiative to re-launch the Unite Against Hate campaign, with the aims of raising awareness of hate crime among the general public, addressing under-reporting of hate crime and promoting the benefits of diversity among people in Northern Ireland.

Unite Against Hate will create a ‘hub’, enabling various stakeholders to report on projects relating to hate crime, as well as to share research, information and good practice. UAH key roles will be to stimulate, coordinate and communicate.